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The first steps that make improving the quality of life possible.

Amatus Hospice & Palliative Care sees that our patients will greatly benefit from physical, occupational, and speech therapy. When it comes to effective intervention, it is precisely these services jointly conducted that make the difference. These are the first things that improve the quality of life.

Physical Therapy

Our physical therapist evaluates your loved one’s ability to move safely and independently or in experiencing getting around. Our therapists assess the patient’s level of pain or discomfort and provide physical therapy to soothe body aches. They implement strengthening exercises and other therapeutic methods suitable to allow independent mobility.

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists evaluate the ability of your seriously ill loved ones to accomplish tasks of daily living. After the assessment, our therapists can devise alternative means and methods to help the patient recover normal functioning as much as possible using assistive devices and adaptive care plans. The focus is on restoring self-esteem and confidence to perform regular tasks.

Speech Therapy

Our speech therapists are exceptionally trained in helping your loved ones communicate their needs effectively especially if your loved one has difficulty speaking or could no longer speak. Our therapist helps to create effective ways of communication. Naturally, communication between the family members and the hospice patient is important in this stage of life.

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